Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions I think people might ask, and some extra information on care and handling. If you have another question, you can email me to ask.

What is the turnaround from ordering to delivery?

Please remember all prints are pre-order. The online shop will be open until 12/11/2021, after which orders are closed and I will begin production with exact numbers to avoid wastage. This year, I expect prints to be ready in early December and will notify everyone (via email) once their prints have been sent or to remind you of the collection dates.

Help! I chose ‘collect’ but now I need it delivered!

Send me an email and we will arrange postage instead. Please note I am moving at the end of the year, so we need to sort out any changes or postage before the holiday period begins.

When you say editions, what do you mean?

Each year I sell the prints as editions of 10 copies only, in an attempt to make them feel special and justify printing them at the quality I want to. They are signed and numbered (this year on the reverse side of the print). Once they are sold, I won’t produce more until next year, or when I organise myself to do another sale!

Why do they cost £75?

My pricing takes into account the labour of both designing and production — this includes the printing itself and the overheads associated with production (like packing materials). I know it seems like a lot compared to a big company that produce posters en masse! I choose to work independently (just me here!) and want to produce high quality prints — the price you see allows me to cover the production costs and earn something myself.

The last few years have been seriously challenging for everyone regardless of your income, disposable or otherwise — so thank you sincerely for your support if you choose to buy a print this year.

I will be donating 10% of the profits from this year’s sale to Rewilding Britain. I've had the good fortune to live in the UK for over 6 years now, and I can't think of a better way to say thank you than supporting the regeneration of this land—which feels as much like home to me as anywhere else in the world. I’ll be showing how much is donated on my Instagram account once the print sales are finished.

The print I want isn’t online, can I order it?

If the design you want isn’t in the shop, I can do a one-off / artist’s proof for you. These cost £100 and are a single-edition. Please email me if you are interested in discussing this option further. 

The print I want is sold out, can you print extra?

Sorry! No more once they’re sold! ︎

What sort of print is it?

This is a Gicleé print. For the detail-oriented among us, the term that was first coined in the early 90s and originally applied to prints created using a modified Iris printer; eventually it came to mean any print made with digital inkjet printing. Nowadays the term is used to describe a high-quality inkjet print of archival standard, generally used by artists and designers. It is printed on acid-free Hahnemühle ‘cotton rag’. This beautiful paper contains a mixture of both cotton fibres and traditional wood pulp, giving it a texture and density which is great for Gicleé printing. All raw materials are responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forests and are FSC or PEFC certified.

What size is it?

The print is A2 (420x594mm). The borders are 18mm on all sides. Please note however, that these prints are made in a studio where the sheets are processed and cut to size by hand, so there may be variations of a millimetre or two.

How will the print be sent?

Your print will be signed, rolled and packed using cotton gloves and with an incredibly careful approach to quality control to ensure it arrives to you in pristine condition. To protect the print properly, a layer of glassine paper will be placed on top and a layer of thinner, acid-free tissue placed underneath before being rolled. The print will then be wrapped in additional corrugated paper padding before it is packed in its postage tube/box. Additional tissue or padding is used at either end to ensure the print doesn’t move around in-transit.

Wherever possible I use recyclable or biodegradable materials and encourage you to recycle or even better, reuse whatever you can.

Due to the delicate nature of print artwork (and because each print is part of a signed, numbered edition) all sales are final and refunds will be issued only in the most exceptional circumstances such as in-transit parcel damage. If this happens to you, please photograph the parcel when it arrives and don’t open it — once opened it is impossible for me to tell if the damage occurred in transit or not and I won’t be able to pursue insurance or reimbursement from the shipping company.

How should I handle my print when it arrives?
Gicleé prints pick up marks and scratches very easily, so please be extra careful when unwrapping your print. Be sure you have clean, dry hands (or gloves) and unroll it in a place you can leave it protected and weighed down to unfurl over a few days. Be very careful not to touch the surface of the print itself as you unroll it. You may even want to ask a friend to assist you. 

My print surface might be uneven? 

There may be subtle variations in the print surface, especially on large expanses of black ink, where flat and even ink coverage can be very hard to achieve. These variations are a very common part of this style of inkjet printing, especially for ‘flat’ graphics where they can be more visible than in photographs. Any variations should be considered a part of the print.

Can you arrange framing?

I don’t offer framing, but if you are based in London I recommend the lovely gang at FRMD in Clapton, or the wonderful Brider & Bull in Stoke Newington.

How should I frame it?

Try to make sure all the materials in direct contact with the print are acid-free. UV-resistant glass or perspex will protect your print from fading if it sits in direct/bright light. Your friendly neighbourhood framer will be able to help you choose the right materials to use!

If you decide to frame at home, be sure to flatten the print out properly beforehand. Carefully unroll your print and leave it laid under a weighted flat surface for at least a few days, with the layers of tissue paper in place for protection from scratches.

Can I store the print for a long time?

If you leave your print for a long time (i.e. years) do be aware that the poster tube and outer wrapping are not conservation grade. While the tissue and glassine are acid-free and should provide some protection, non-conservation products can over time release gases or chemicals that could cause damage.

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Tegan Ella Hendel © 2021
Tegan Ella Hendel © 2021